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Real-World Experience in a Highly Competitive Field

Photo of The Arc Minnesota graphic design intern Annalisa Linn.My name is Annalisa Linn and I have been working at the Arc as a Graphic Design interns since September of 2017. What is unique about my position is that my designs are more thrift-focused, meaning that I create and update posters, brochures, signs, and other marketing materials for our four Arc’s Value Village thrift stores and donation centers around the Twin Cities. The Arc has given me an incredible opportunity to gain real-world experience in a highly competitive field through their intern program. They have also helped me greater understand how nonprofits work and why there is an increasing need for them in our society.

Some of my favorite projects I have been able to work on here have been our holiday newspaper ads as well as the redesign of the Thrift Stylists program logo. I was able to be completely creative with these projects and help make decisions that would impact the final designs. Creating the holiday ads also gave me the unique opportunity to be published for the very first time, which has only inspired me to keep progressing my skills as a designer.

When I am not working at the Arc, I am a sophomore studying Graphic design at the University of Minnesota with a minor in product design. My other hobbies include baking, bouldering, and ink drawing. While I am not originally from Minnesota (Oregonian here), I thoroughly enjoy the snow and all the fun that winter brings!