This was a policy priority on our 2021 Legislative Agenda.

Define Informed Choice for Minnesotans who have Disabilities & Their Families
For Minnesotans who have disabilities to take control of their services and supports, they must have access to the information they need to make decisions in a way that is accessible and understandable to them. This is called “informed decision-making.” There has never been a shared definition nor formal process to promote and protect informed choice.

Creating a definition of informed choice and an informed decision-making process will help people understand their rights and make sure that agencies and providers uphold these rights.
Implement our Commitment to Employment, Inclusive Housing, and Self-Direction
In 2020, Minnesota made a commitment to competitive, integrated employment, homes of individuals’ choice, and self-directed supports for people who have disabilities. These policies are a good starting place, and this proposal would ensure that each person who uses disability services gets the chance to make decisions about where they live, the technology they use, how they direct their services, and their employment each year.

Strengthening Minnesota’s commitment to supporting people in competitive, integrated employment, homes of their own, and self-direction and basing those decisions in each person’s informed choice will help make sure that our system of disability supports provides person-centered supports.

Enhance Access to Innovative Technologies
Many Minnesotans who have disabilities can build belonging in their communities with support from remote services and assistive technology – at school, in homes of their own, and on the job. More people need to know their right to use these innovative resources, which can offer the individualized supports they deserve and best leverage the direct support workforce.

Creating an Informed Choice in Technology Policy Statement will help make sure that Minnesotans of all ages who have disabilities know about and use the remote supports and assistive technology that can help them reach their goals.

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