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Potpourri Conference: Breakout Session B

Potpourri Regional Conference 2020The 2020 Potpourri Conference is an online training for parents and childcare, social work, and education professionals. For more information, including how to register, please go to


Breakout Session B – 12:30  – 1:20 p.m. 

Breakout Session B-1: At Last, the Secret to Behavior Management is Revealed!

o That one student! You know the one that throws off an entire lesson and distracts the whole class with his/her antics and behaviors. This workshop will help you set up a positive learning environment for your students, while laying a foundation for managing behaviors. During this training you will develop realistic and practical ideas to use immediately in your classroom!

o Presenter – Mary Beth Kelley MA – Program Developer/Assessment Supervisor · Learning Disabilities Association of MN (Elementary)

Breakout Session B-2: Supporting Healthy Early Childhood Child Development and Early Intervention for Developmental Delays:  Promoting Wellbeing in Families and Communities

A key component to effectively working with families with young children (Birth-5) is supporting them in understanding healthy early child development, identifying early developmental delays, and empowering families to act early if there are developmental concerns. There is a growing demand for key support providers (e.g. child care providers, teachers, paraprofessionals, etc.) to provide family-centered, culturally competent care to young children and their families in the early childhood years. Competent practitioners address child needs, family needs, and cultural and linguistic differences when presenting early developmental concerns and the need for early intervention.

Discussions of early developmental delays can often be challenging for practitioners to discuss with families. Families and communities may view child development and delays/disabilities differently. There is a wide spectrum of diverse cultural and family perspectives on typical versus atypical development. Further, many families need support in navigating the system from first developmental concerns to connecting with early intervention (B-5) supports and services. Thus, there is great need to help families with young children access tools and resources to support developmental monitoring, early developmental screening, and early intervention supports.

Best practices in family-centered, culturally competent approaches to supporting early identification of developmental delays and early intervention will be presented. Practical resources and tools for families and practitioners will be shared from MN LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities), MN Act Early Project and Help Me Grow MN including free developmental monitoring tools, developmental children’s books, additional trainings on early intervention, and a film series highlighting the journey of families in accessing early intervention supports and services across diverse cultural communities in Minnesota.

o Presenter – Jennifer Hall-Lande, PhD, and Asli Ashkir MPH/RN

Breakout Session B-3: Unpacking and Reframing Vulnerability at the Intersection of Disability & Interpersonal Violence

Our intent is to protect people from harm.  The impact is subjecting people to the dehumanizing indignity of safety.  The single story of disability and vulnerability must be challenged in order to prevent harm and support the dignity of risk.

o Presenter – Nancy Fitzsimons, PhD, MSW, LISW– Professor at Minnesota State University in Mankato.

Breakout Session B-4: Person Centered Thinking & Planning – Creating a Meaningful Life

o The term ‘person centered’ is a recent buzzword, but what does it truly mean? How does one live a person-centered life? How is that different than anything else? Explore how to help persons with disabilities live their best life, while practicing person centered planning philosophies. Each person has unique support needs. Learn about specific tools, expand your skills and ways to create a vision for the future with the person. The Arc believes every person has a valuable contribution to offer, and the potential to live a fulfilling life that is meaningful to them.

Presenter – Allycia Wolff, BS Vocational Rehabilitation – Advocate and Planning Specialist, The Arc Minnesota (All)

Final Session: 1:20 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. 

o Wrap Up and Complete Evaluations.