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Self-Advocate Blog: Nate’s 2021 Travels

Hello, my name is Nate Clark 

I live in Mankato, Minnesota. I work at Hy-Vee and on the board of The Arc Minnesota. I am 32 years old. I am also a self-advocate.  

I love to travel 🧳 there are a few places that I have traveled to in 2021. I went to Cayo Costa State park in Florida with my Mom. We stayed in camper cabin. A camper cabin is where you sleep in a cabin, they usually have bunk beds, and you do all your cooking outdoors. On this trip I swam in the Gulf of Mexico, it was very relaxing and laid back. There was a beach and large body of water, we even saw dolphins 🐬 We saw no sharks 🦈 thank goodness.😁 

I also went to Itasca state park, it was a hiking trip 🥾 I got to play in the headwaters of the Mississippi River. It was very pretty 🏞 On this trip we stayed in yurt, it had bunk beds and a deck that went around the yurt with picnic tables. We had to cook outdoors. I got to see different kinds of pine trees including Red Spruce pines.   

I also traveled to Stillwater, Minnesota with my mom. We rented out e-bikes, which was super fun. We rode through downtown Stillwater on the trolly and had tour of downtown. We went to different shops and the Art and Craft Fair. We went on the St. Croix dinner cruise 🚢 where the feature for dinner was steak 🥩 and walleye 🍽 We stayed in hotel that had a pool with jets. 


Thanks for sharing, Nate!

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