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Minnesota Microgrant Partnership Helps Grantee Get Moving Again

Amy in her wheelchair.Congratulations to Amy who recently received a new wheelchair through Minnesota Microgrant Partnership funds!

Amy needed a new wheelchair and after working with her insurance company, getting a satisfactory resolution was taking longer than anyone would have imagined. In the meantime, Amy was using a 10-year-old substitute that had a malfunctioning wheel that would sometimes fall off. Amy’s mobility was severely limited without a reliable, safe chair.

Lack of safe mobility was taking a toll on Amy. She wanted to remain independent and safe in her apartment with the opportunity to navigate her community and take care of herself. After falling from her wheelchair because of the malfunctioning wheel, she began to worry that an unsafe wheelchair could affect her employment status. She worked hard to find a job she liked at a company that was a good fit for her skills and personality.

Amy’s social worker suggested she apply for a microgrant. She completed her application with detailed information on a wheelchair that would meet her needs, and included the information Minnesota Microgrant staff needed to purchase the chair and have it shipped directly to her. Amy was relieved when she found out that the review panel approved her grant, as were her employer and friends. Fortunately, it did not take long to order her wheelchair and have it delivered. Amy was able to meet with The Arc Minnesota staff in her community when they visited Duluth to present at a workshop in April and more recently, she was able to travel to the Mall of America and visit with her parents.

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