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Meet Kelly, a Self-Advocate With a Great Heart

Kelly, a self-advocate

I’m proud to be a great person with a lot of words in my mind and I have a lovely heart with great feelings. I have feet to get me where I like to go. And I speak up! I wrote a poem, “Together, Yes We Can!” It has a lot of feeling.

I work 9-5 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – 5 days a week! I like self-advocacy very much — it helps me through life. My mother always tells me, “don’t use the word can’t” in my life. I can be silly sometimes.

I like coming to The Arc. I’m in a Hammer program where I live and the staff helps me out if I need it. I still need to learn a lot on the computer. I still need help with my reading and math. I am going on a trip this year in April.

I need more ideas about my words to say my feelings and to say my ideas. The Arc needs me and other self-advocates to get ideas to be strong and stronger. I don’t want nobody to let me down!

I would like to share a poem with you I wrote, I feel this message is powerful!!!!

Kelly L.


Together Yes We Can!!!!!

I would like to share a poem with you I wrote, I feel this message is powerful!!!!
Together, Yes We Can
Together, Yes We Can
Together, Yes We Can As Self-Advocates
We self-advocates can bring smiles and Laughter — Yes We Can!
We self- advocates bring happiness, feelings and good times —
Yes, we do
We self-advocates are Proud of ourselves — YES ,We ARE !
WE have Hopes
We have wishes We have Dreams
We have Respect
We have All in SELF ADVOCACY — Together Yes We DO!
We can make it together — Yes We Can!
We can do it right together — Yes we Can !
We have a Heart and Spirit that works for us-Yes We Do!
Self-Advocates and Allies all together — YES WE CAN !
Human Right — Together yes we can!
Self-Advocacy — Together Yes WE Can!
We can turn the world around — together yes we can
Together we can make a Difference in the world if we all Work together YES WE CAN!!!!!!

Poem Written by: Kelly L. — Self-Advocate!!!!!!