Videos and Pre-Recorded Webinars

Abuse Prevention

“It’s Not Okay” provides an introduction to the topic of abuse and abuse prevention. Individuals with disabilities are at far greater risk for abuse of all kinds than people without disabilities. The Arc provides training for self-advocates and those who support them, plus a wealth of online and print resources. (6:30) Click here.



Arc Guides

“Guide for Arc Guides” provides an introduction to the library of Arc Guides as a valuable resource for learning about topics important to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. (1:13) Click here.



Caregiver Support

“Caregiver Support” is a pre-recorded webinar that provides a definition of a “caregiver” and looks at the research surrounding caregiving, family dynamics, and advocacy. The presenter also offers resources for caregivers and their families. (58:08) Click here.




What is an Individualized Education Program (IEP) defines an IEP and provides a roadmap for families. (2:22) Click here.


“Individualized Education Program (IEP): A Guide to When and How to Get Help” provides an overview of the IEP process. (3:58)  Click here.


“Individualized Education Program (IEP) Informal Complaint Process” reviews the steps that can be taken to ensure that a student’s IEP is being followed. (3:48) Click here


 “Special Education Pre-Recorded Webinar” provides an overview of Special Education, including the issues and what families need to know to prepare for success in school. (1:09:34) Click here.




“Employing People With Disabilities” is a 3-part video series to help employers expand the diversity of their workforce and positively impact an organization. The program also offers valuable information for individuals seeking employment. (17:44) Click here.




“Eight Things to Know about Guardianship” provides an overview of the essential elements of Guardianship. (17:73) Click here.


“Preparing for Guardianship Webinar” provides essential information about Guardianship, individual options, and the decision-making process. (1:06:10) Click here.



Healthcare Access

“Healthcare Access” The Arc provides information about health care access to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their family members. This pre-recorded webinar provides an overview of the types of programs available and how to get started with application process.  (1:12:23) Click here.


“MNSure and Healthcare for People with Disabilities” provides an overview of the process to access healthcare through MNSure for people with disabilities in Minnesota. The video is available in English, Hmong, Somali, and Spanish. (5:39)


For English, click here.


For Hmong, click here.


For Somali, click here


For Spanish, click here


“Private Health Insurance and Medicare” explains the relationship between Medical Assistance (MA) and private health insurance and why private health insurance is often not enough coverage. (48:55) Click here.


Microgrants for Minnesotans with Disabilities 

An Introduction to the Minnesota Microgrant Partnership : This pre-recorded webinar covers eligibility requirements, introduces some grant winners and gives information on how to apply. (10.57) Click here



“Understanding Trusts and ABLE Accounts” pre-recorded webinar defines and explains the differences between trusts and ABLE accounts. (50:00) Click here.



Public Policy

“Tracking Bills” shows you how to find and track bills that are part of the legislative process. (1:48) Click here.




“The Arc Self-Advocacy Advisory Committee” introduces the committee and leaders, and encourages others to join the group. (3:17) Click here.


“What Makes A Good Life” is an inspirational perspective from self-advocates who use their voices to tell what makes a good life for them. (2:20) Click here.



Social Security and Medical Assistance

“Social Security 101” Pre-Recorded Webinar provides an overview of Social Security benefits for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (11:40) Click here.


“Social Security and Medical Assistance (MA) at Age 18” Pre-Recorded Webinar provides an in-depth explanation of Social Security and MA, and how to apply for the benefits.  (1:14:18) Click here.