Housing Access Services

Housing Access Services began in July 2009 and is a contract between The Arc Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Human Services.  The contract allows The Arc Minnesota to assist people with disabilities who are eligible for a Medical Assistance Home Care Service in finding and moving to independent homes of their own.  HAS recently reached the milestone of assisting over 2,000 people with disabilities in moving to homes of their own. 


Most of the people we assist are low income and many have been homeless or are moving from licensed facilities and they face serious challenges in finding independent housing.  The contract enables us to be agile and quick in our efforts to assist people with disabilities in finding homes of their own.  We have been able to engage in outcome-based advocacy and our partnership with DHS has achieved noteworthy success.  We look forward to a continued partnership and to helping more people with disabilities find homes of their own.


Are you ready to move?


Minnesota Department of Human Services, Housing Division, contracts with The Arc Minnesota to partner with Minnesota counties and organizations.

Housing Access Services helps adult Minnesotans of all ages who want to move to homes of their own and have been assessed as eligible for certain Minnesota Medicaid home care or certain state plan services.


Housing Access Services Intake Line


Contact The Arc Minnesota to learn more about participating in Housing Access Services. All initial calls about receiving assistance with housing must be made to: 952.915.3632. 


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