Self-Advocacy |

Health & Wellness Resources and Theme Guide

Check out activities, resources and tips to put self-advocacy into action! Download a PDF version of this guide here.

Ice Breakers

  • Health and wellness means different things to different people. What does it mean to you?

Health and Wellness Challenge

Are you ready for more health and wellness in 2023? Take on the January 2023 Health and Wellness Challenge! Check in with your peers in a month to find out how it went!

Food and Nutrition

The food and drinks we choose impact our health and wellness. Check out Arc Cooks for recipes, videos, and more.

What are things to consider when making choices about nutrition?

Breathe In, Breathe Out

Life can be stressful! What does self-care mean and why is it important? Ty out these activities for more self-care:

Let’s Get Active

Check out ways to get moving in 2023!

The Arc Minnesota’s 2023 Legislative Agenda & Social Determinants of Health

The Arc Minnesota’s 2023 legislative agenda focuses on the social determinants of health. Learn more about social determinants of health by reviewing the 2023 legislative agenda.

Additional Resources to Explore

Contacts and Organizations to Contact to Learn More