Community Change & Connection

The Arc Minnesota promotes and protects the human rights of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. We strive to pursue lasting community change and connection that support individuals and families in living their best lives. We envision an equitable society where people with disabilities have true belonging, are treated with respect and dignity, and are empowered to create the life they choose.

Launching a Movement

In order to make this a reality, we need everyone in our community to see and understand the innate capacity, wisdom, resiliency, and strength that people with disabilities possess. We need every person to raise their voice, take action, and commit to being supporters and co-creators of this vision.

What people with disabilities need to prosper is ordinary: a job, a home of their own, close relationships, and support to make their hopes and dreams a reality. As with all people, this requires employers who are excited to hire people because of the talent and skillset they bring to their workforce; lenders and landlords who are engaged and responsive; transportation options that are accessible, flexible, and strong; and an interdependent networks of family, friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

The 2020 Arc Gala will launch a movement to realize this vision, demonstrate the power and capacity that people with disabilities possess, transform our collective thinking, and co-create a bright future with people with disabilities in Minnesota. The funding we receive will support a new campaign that empowers individuals, communities, and companies to take action alongside people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in changing our community. Together, we will create true belonging.

Fund-A-Need Goals

  • Create a multistep outreach plan catering to different audiences that reshapes the narrative surrounding people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • 100 companies, 50 housing providers, 1,000 educators, and 10,000 community members will make the pledge to be an advocate and ally for people with disabilities.
  • Provide entities with short-term goals to change their current structures and create spaces that are disability-informed.



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