Civic Engagement


“Civic engagement means working to make a difference in the civic life of our communities and developing the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.  It means promoting the quality of life in a community, through both political and non-political processes.” – Thomas Ehrlich



2017 Policy Priorities


To find out what policies The Arc Minnesota and The Arc Greater Twin Cities are working on this year by viewing our 2017 policy priorities. To learn more about these, please call us at 952-920-0855.



Stay Informed


The Arc Greater Twin Cities’ Policy Preview


Sign up for Arc’s Policy Preview to get action alerts and disability policy news and event notices in the metro area.


The Arc Greater Twin Cities’ Disability Policy Networking Group


Join The Arc’s Disability Policy Networking Group on Facebook to learn about and share local and national disability policy news and resources with the disability community, parents, and professionals.


The Arc Minnesota’s Public Policy Update and Capitol Focus Blog


Sign up to receive Arc’s state chapter’s Public Policy Update to stay informed of state disability policy issues and action alerts. Click here for Arc Minnesota’s Capitol Focus Blog for in-depth policy information.


The Arc United States’  Disability Advocacy Network


Be a part of The Arc United States’ Disability Advocacy Network and get information about public policy issues impacting people with I/DD, and know when to take timely action. Receive information about what’s going on in The Arc’s network throughout the year including our e-newsletter, event updates and opportunities to support The Arc.


Stay Engaged


Voter Engagement


I voted buttonVoting is an integral component of our democracy. It’s important that everyone who is able to vote do so every year. Below are important voting-related dates this year as well as info on learning more about the electoral process.




Please visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office website for voter registration information, finding your polling place, and to view your city’s sample ballot. Call the Secretary of State’s office at 1-877-VOTE (8683) for more info.


The Arc Greater Twin Cities offers voting-related workshops for those interested in learning more about their right to vote. Please contact us at 952-920-0855 to learn more.



Telling Your Story


Aside from voting, knowing your own story and feeling comfortable in sharing it with elected officials is an essential part of civic engagement. For more information on how The Arc Greater Twin Cities can help you tell your story, please call The Arc at 952-920-0855.  You can also download the Telling Your Story app. You can also download telling your story resources on The Arc Minnesota’s website.


The Arc Greater Twin Cities’ Home Visits


The Arc Greater Twin Cities has helped families and individuals host home visits with elected officials for several years. This is a traditional approach to civic engagement that is meaningful to constituents and policy makers.  To learn more, read our Arc Guide to Home Visits or call 952-920-0855.



Tuesdays at the Capitol


Each Tuesday during the legislative session, the Minnesota Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities will be at the Capitol to help people share their stories about the importance of disability services with legislators and to ensure there is a disability community presence at the Capitol. You will get updates on the event by signing up for the Policy Preview.


Disability Day at the Capitol


Disability Day at the Capitol is a statewide gathering at our state Capitol so that the disability community can meet with their legislators, share their stories and concerns, and participate in rallies. In 2017, Disability Day at the Capitol will occur on Tuesday, February 28. You will get updates on the event and info on how to RSVP by signing up for the Policy Preview.




Who Represents You?


Congress and State


Not sure who represents you at the state and nation’s Capitol? Find out here.


Tracking Bills


Watch this video to learn how to find and track bills. 



Metropolitan Council


The Metropolitan Council is the regional policy-making body, planning agency, and provider of essential services for the Twin Cities metropolitan region. The Council’s mission is to foster efficient and economic growth for a prosperous region. There are 17 Metropolitan Council members who represent the seven-county metro area. Find out who represents you here.


County Commissioners


A county commission (also known as a board of county commissioners) is a group of elected officials charged with administering the county government. Here’s a link to a list of all 87 Minnesota county websites where you can find info on your county commissioner. On those websites, you can also find out who else represents you at the county level.


City Officials


Your city has numerous elected officials who represent you. It’s important to know who all of them are and for them to hear from you. Search for your city’s main website and search for the contact information for your mayor, city council members, park and school board members, and more.



The Olmstead Plan


Minnesota’s Olmstead Plan is a series of key activities our state must accomplish to ensure people with disabilities are living, learning, working and enjoying life in the most integrated setting. Learn more about how the Olmstead Plan here and also watch the short video below.





Arc Guide to the Minnesota Olmstead Plan

Capitol Insider Blog

Contacting Your Representative

Levels of Government

Who Represents Me?



The Arc

The Arc Minnesota

The Arc Minnesota Blog

The Arc Position Statements





For more information,  please submit your question to Ask an Advocate or call The Arc Greater Twin Cities at 952-920-0855.