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Black History Month 2022

February is Black History Month—a month we celebrate the triumphs, recognize the struggles, and honor the history of the Black community in America and around the world.

Black History Month was originally created in February 1926 by Carter G. Woodson. This was meant to create a time to encourage “people of all ethnic and social backgrounds [to] discuss the Black experience” (ASALH). In 1986 congress passed “National Black History Month” into law.

One way to honor Black History Month during February and every day is to educate yourself on Black history and the importance it holds. The series 28 Days of Black History reviews the legacy and future of Black history in the U.S. This series is a curated effort by Black artists, educators, historians and visionaries. For 28 days they share cultural artifacts, action items, and discussion questions to promote learning, growth, and discussion. This series centers on Black voices that are often underrepresented in history.

To review the content that they have shared visit:

We must continue the fight for racial equity beyond black history month. Here are some suggestions from Anti-Racism Daily on actionable ways to change history.

Do your part to accelerate racial equity in the U.S. every day through education and action at every level.