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Ask An Advocate: Volunteering at The Arc

Q. I have a sister who is 18 years old with a bright smile and an infectious laugh! She also had acquired a brain injury at the age of 12 from being in a car accident. This affects her nervous systems and memory. She and I are currently looking for ways to spend time with each other and give back to our community. My sister also in need of opportunities to develop some job skills as well. A friend of mines asked me, “Have you considered volunteering at The Arc Minnesota?” Could you tell me how my sister and I can volunteer at The Arc?

A. If you are interested in volunteering at The Arc, there are a variety of opportunities that may be available for you and your sister based on both of your availability, interests and skills. Arc’s Value Village Thrift Stores maybe the answer for you and your sister to spend time together, give back to community and for your sister to develop some job skills along the way! For more information contact Arc’s Value Village volunteer coordinator at 952.920.0855 and they will be happy to assist you. To learn more about the Arc Minnesota, please visit our website at