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Ask An Advocate: Use of Master Pooled Trust Funds

Ask an Advocate iconQ. What can Master Pooled Trust funds be used for?

A. The Arc Master Pooled Trust is a resource to enhance the quality of life of an individual with a disability without disqualifying the individual from public means tested benefits. It can be used for many things with the following limitations: it must be used for the “sole benefit” of the trust beneficiary; it cannot give cash directly to the beneficiary; disbursements must be in the beneficiary’s best interest; and it can supplement but not take the place of an individual’s benefits. For example, if an individual is receiving SSI benefits, the trust could not pay for any housing or food since SSI benefits are being received to pay for housing and food. Examples of a few items the trust has paid for include: pet expenses, clothing, entertainment, education, and summer camps, just to name a few.

For more information about the Arc Minnesota Master Pooled Trust, please visit our website at or contact the trust department at 952.920.0855 and