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Ask An Advocate: Planning for the Future

Q: I have questions about my son’s care and quality of life in the future. He is 30 years old, has significant disabilities, and needs around-the-clock care. As his primary caregiver and guardian, I manage everything on his behalf—paperwork, medical appointments and work with his support staff so he is involved in the community, volunteering and hopefully working someday soon. Other people in our lives want to help but I’m not sure where to begin.

A: The Arc has a variety of Planning Services to help individuals and families create a roadmap for the future they want. FutureLife Options is our most in-depth program where an Arc Planning Specialist works with you and your son to document what is important in his daily life. Based on this information, we share resources for any planning, including legal and financial, that needs to take place. Through the process, other people in his life learn concrete ways they can support him in the future.

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