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Ask An Advocate: Medical Assistance – TEFRA

Q: My 4 year old son has physical and cognitive disabilities.  We were told to apply for Medical Assistance – TEFRA in order to access therapies, equipment, taking care of him and other help.  I think the parental fee will be too expensive and we are concerned we can’t afford it.  Are there ways we can get help for the healthcare needs for our son? Can you explain how MA-TEFRA works?


A:  This is a great question we get often and it does not have a simple answer.  Here are some options for your son:  private health insurance, paying out of pocket for his healthcare services, or Medical Assistance programs (like MA-TEFRA).  The Arc Guide to MA-TEFRA explains how MA-TEFRA works, and the Parental Fees worksheet and notice has important information about how fees are calculated.  You may also call the Parental Fees Unit at the Department of Human Services at 651-431-3806 to speak with a worker about your questions and concerns.  Lastly, here is The Arc Guide to Medical Assistance to help understand the different programs and services MA pays for.