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Ask An Advocate: Future Life Planning

Q: I am unable to find staff to support my 15 year-old son in going to the movies. He likes to go once a week. Where can I find paid staff to take him?

A: You are not alone in your search! Minnesota is currently in what is being referred to as a “staffing crisis.” Both families and agencies are having a tough time finding employees. At The Arc, while we recognize the importance of paid staff, we also encourage families to build support networks around their loved one with a disability. Support networks are informal groups of people who play different roles in people’s lives and share a commitment to the person. They often include family members, friends, community members, and volunteers. The benefit of having a support network is that the people in it care about your son, and aren’t simply there because it’s a job. You can create your own support network by considering who is already in your son’s life.

Participants in The Arc’s FutureLife Options program can also access our new Community Network service to help them build and cultivate their support network. For more information on FutureLife Options or building a network, contact The Arc Minnesota via phone at 833.450.1494 or submit your question online at