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Ask An Advocate: Employment

Q. My son is 21, on the autism spectrum, and just finished a transition program at school. He is very bright but is having trouble finding a job. Can you help?

A. Does he have a vocational rehabilitation counselor? If he doesn’t, he can contact your nearest Workforce/CareerForce Center to apply. The service is free to those who qualify. Locations can be found at They can assist with vocational training, computer skills, advice and guidance in networking, accommodations, job placement and other employment services. They also are involved in the “Ticket to Work” program and can advise him on Social Security benefits. The “Ticket to Work” program helps people who are receiving Social Security benefits to find jobs/careers. If he does not receive Social Security, the vocational rehabilitation counselor should still be able to help him.

For more information, please see our Arc Guide to Vocational Rehabilitation Services at

If he has more questions on vocational rehabilitation services, he can contact The Arc at 833.450.1494.