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Ask An Advocate: Election Year and Voting

Q: Is this an election year? How can I find out whether or not I’m supposed to vote in the fall?

A: While there are no statewide races on the ballot this fall – for elected officials such as Governor, Secretary of State, Senate, or House of Representatives – there may be local elections in your area on Tuesday, November 5th! Depending on where you live, you may have an opportunity to vote for City Councilors, School Board members, Township officers, and more. While not as well-known as state-level elected officials, these local policymakers can have a big impact in your community. For example, members of your local school board make budget decisions and influence school policy – including for special education services. To learn more about the elections this fall, visit the Minnesota Secretary of State’s “2019 Election Calendar” webpage, at You can use their helpful Polling Place Finder to figure out which elections may be coming up in your area, and where to vote. With questions or for more information, connect with a member of our Public Policy Team at 952.920.0855 or 833.450.1494.