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Ask An Advocate: Communicating Choices

Q. Does The Arc have any tools to help a young person communicate their interests and choices?

A. The Arc Minnesota does provide a variety of planning processes and tools. One online tool that is now available at no cost is the GetSet! Online Interest Map Tool. Based on person-centered principles, the tool asks young adults a series of questions designed to help them consider what adult life might look like, what their unique strengths are, and what skills or supports might be needed to achieve those goals. The tool then combines the chosen answers into a colorful visual that can motivate the young adult and their supporters, and act as a touchstone to assist with decision-making.

A grant from United Health Group now provides the GetSet! survey tool to all students at no cost. A promo code is available at checkout so don’t let the $4.99 price tag stop you — it is free! Learn more and try the tool at