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Ask An Advocate: Minnesota Microgrants

Q: I am 18 and want to become a Certified Microsoft Specialist to further my career. I could get a better job and increase my salary potential with this certification. That would allow me to pay my living expenses and feel good about my accomplishments. I cannot afford the fee to take the test. Do you know of any resources to pay the testing fee?

A: You have thought a lot about your goals and your skills! The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership makes grants up to $1,000 to people 18+ receiving waiver services or 16+ with IEPs, who spend most of the day with students who have disabilities, to achieve goals around competitive employment, accessible housing, and community inclusion. Microgrant funds are available through Spring 2021.

Find information, watch a short webinar, and link to the application when you visit The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership webpage at