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Ask an Advocate: Minnesota Microgrant Program Opportunity

Question: I am 50 years old and have a brain injury that impacts my balance. I recently started my first job that pays minimum wage. I live in rural Minnesota with limited transportation options. I get a ride to work right now but I want to transport myself to work and have greater inclusion in the community. I am a strong bike rider and there are many bike paths in the town I live in. A 3-wheel bike could help me become fully independent in my employment and transportation but I can’t afford to buy one on my own. Do you know of any resources to help me get a bike and reach my goals? 

Answer: Congratulations on your job! The Minnesota Microgrant Partnership may be able to help you get a bike. Money is available for adults on a waiver, including Brain Injury waivers. Make sure you include things that would keep you safe, such as a helmet, lock, and water bottle, in your grant request. You can call us at 952-920-0855 with questions about microgrants or waivers. Find more information about microgrants here: