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Ask An Advocate: State Quality Council

Q: What is the State Quality Council?


A: The State Quality Council is a team of people who are working to improve the quality of services provided to people with disabilities in the State of Minnesota. Council members include the Department of Human Services, people who receive disability services, the family members of people with disabilities, advocates and more.


The goal of The State Quality Council is to make positive changes to services and supports so that people receiving services have better lives.  The council does this by trying to measure the quality of life for individuals receiving services. The State Quality Council is collecting data about what is working well and what is not, if changes need to be made and how to make those changes happen. The State Quality Council will then give recommendations to the MN State Legislature on what changes need to be made in order to provide better service and supports for individuals receiving services throughout the state of Minnesota.


The State Quality Council has also developed the three Regional Quality Councils across the state, Arrowhead, Metro and Region 10, hosted by Arc Northland and The Arc Minnesota. The State and Regional Quality Councils are working together to improve the quality of services and supports for individuals with disabilities across the state of Minnesota.


If you would like to learn more about the State Quality Council or the Regional Quality Councils, check out our website,