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Action Alert: Phase Out Subminimum Wage

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We need your support to increase wages and workforce participation for people with disabilities!

The House Human Services Omnibus bill (HF 2847) includes the Governor’s proposal to phase out the outdated practice of paying people with disabilities subminimum wage. It also strategically invests in resources to support providers to transition their business models. Please review this informational one-pager.

We need leadership and key legislators to understand why this change is important and why they need to support and pass Governor Walz’s proposal NOW!

Here is how you can help:

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Subject: Phase Out Subminimum Wages Now!

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Dear Legislative Leaders,

The Minnesota Legislature has a historic opportunity to end the outdated, discriminatory practice of paying people with disabilities less than minimum wage. Please support the Governor’s proposal (included in the House Human Services Omnibus bill, HF 2847) to increase wages and workforce participation for people with disabilities. This bill will phase out subminimum wages and strategically invests in providers to support the transition of their business models.

Decades ago, Minnesota led the effort to provide people with disabilities meaningful opportunities to work in their communities. Where Minnesota was once at the forefront of these efforts, the state now lags behind. Despite being less populated than about half of the country, Minnesota has the most workers paid at subminimum wage per capita in the nation. Some subminimum wage workers in Minnesota earn as little as 7 cents per hour.

This bill advances the civil rights and economic inclusion of people with disabilities in Minnesota by expanding statewide infrastructure to support people with disabilities in competitive employment and ending the use of subminimum wages. You can find more information here as well as a non-exhaustive list of supporters.

This practice does not align with Minnesota’s values and this change is long overdue. Please end this civil rights violation and join me on the right side of disability rights history in ending this antiquated practice!


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