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2023 Arc Gala Virtual Gala Guide

We’re so excited you are joining us for the 2023 Arc Gala. Your support is essential as we champion public policy, broaden our reach, and strengthen our impact in legislative and grassroots advocacy.

Dress up and snap a picture

Get dressed in your gala-worthy outfit! Snap a picture of you and your party guests and post it on social media with the #2023ArcGala hashtag.

Enjoy a fabulous dinner

Cook up your favorite fancy meal, order a pizza, make a snack tray—enjoy a meal of whatever makes you feel fancy and happy! Put on this “Cozy Restaurant” ambiance (YouTube) soundtrack to set the mood of a Gala dinner.

Need a drink with dinner or dessert? Check out these fun drinks.

Watch the program

Starting at 7:30, you can tune into our virtual program. Hosted by Maddie Erickson Kilgannon, the evening will include special guests, a celebration of public policy, and a look ahead to the future.

There will be an auction to participate in. You can also tweet out your messages of support on Twitter using the hashtag #2023ArcGala

Party at the after party

Refresh your drink, and put on our curated playlist of music (Spotify) and dance the night away.

We’re so excited for you to join us!